My name is Samuel Dubois, and I’ve been living in Quebec City since I was born! When I travel, I love taking walking tours. I think it’s the best way to start off a trip and learn about a city through the eyes of a local tour guide.


After a one-year course at the College Merici in Tourism, I received my tour guide license. It's been 5 years I guide you to where tour buses won’t take you!


As soon as you step into the old part of town, you will without a shadow of a doubt fall in love with the charm of the city. As one of the oldest cities in North America, Quebec is replete with secrets that most locals have no knowledge of. I am offering to personally guide you through these well-kept secrets and into the rich history of Quebec in a humorous, fun-fact-filled manner.I like to get also off the beaten path. Believe me, you will not find another history-savvy comedian by trade offering a free tour of this kind. By experience, I know tour guides can sometimes be monotonous Debbie Downers, and that is exactly why I’ve devised this humorous historical tour! If you are planning a visit to Quebec, make sure to inquire about an authentic, one of a kind tour.

I've guided all kinds of interesting people from all around the world more than 30 countries so far. I've made friends and I have so many great memories to tell from those tours.

In 2019,I became the official tour guide of Québec city baseball team named les Capitales de Québec. I'm a huge fan of them (no i'm not sponsored to say that).

I've been featured into various media 
Vital Magazine in Germany,Radio-Canada,BBC Great canadian journey

The pandemic really hit really hard the whole world and i'm thankfull to still have a roof and food.Some people just don't have those things pandemic or not.The worst part of it was to lose temporary one of my main part of daily joy which is doing a tour.
Hope you like the work I do here and if you want to contribute to my work join my patreon page. If you can't afford it, join my Youtube channel for some great free content.

Also if you plan to come to Québec look for doing a free walking tour/Private tour with me !

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