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Best things to do in Quebec city in August

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

With August at our door and you might think "ahh noo … summer is almost done and most of festivals are over"… Well you're wrong and the list of potential outings is still very substantial! Here is an excerpt of numerous things to see in this beautiful city of Quebec for the following weeks.

Fête de la Nouvelle France

Esplanade Park Area August 1st to 4th

This is one of the local favorites as far as festivals go!

A myriad of great activities (both pleasant and educational!), shows and gastronomic discoveries! Take part in history! Feel the historical and entertaining atmosphere!

Have you ever wondered what 17th and 18th century America was like?

Here's your chance to experience it! You can purchaste your «médaillon» for 12$ on site it will allows you a full access to all festival sites and activities.Also you will have many discount in participating businesses .

Bonne fêtes de la Nouvelle France

Grand Feux Loto Québec

Firework on the Saint-Lawrence river

July 31th to August 24th

You feel like seeing a great firework show fire up right in the middle of the river?

Here it is! Between you and me, if you want to have the best view of the show, I suggest you cross over to on the south shore in Levis at a location called the "Quai Paquet" (Paquet Pier).

The 2018 edition wil feature six musically-themed evenings to accompany the fireworks:

July 31: Dancing at the Roxbury August 7: Jack Rabbit rendez-vous August 14: Royal grand ballroom August 17: Between earth and heaven August 21: A walk through at flagstone August 24: Unexpected Destinies


Various sites in old town

August 7th to 18th

I personally am a huge fan of that festival!

But if you've been on a tour of mine you mostly likely already know that!

It is mostly a french stand up comedy festival (in fact its the biggest french stand up comedy in north america) but there some english shows with the funny Randy Feltface! Lots of entertainment in the city and laughter is the best cure to soothe your end-of-summer sadness! In the past years I have even witnessed Jerry Seinfeld here in town for this particular festival.

Over 350 shows, great outdoor displays and a garanteed fun time for everybody! (including children!) Music,food etc.. To get access to all the show you can buy a nice yellow sunglasses (its their ticket for the show).

I will have discount price on it during the festival so if you want to be part of the festivity like everybody let me know :) !

Cirque Féria

Place Jean-Béliveau

July 16 to September 1, from Tuesday to Sunday

Quebec is one of the many meccas of circus performances in the world.

No wonder when you think about Cirque du Soleil you think about Quebec!

You will be amazed and entertained by the performance of the Flip Fabrique troupe who will be in town shortly. It truly is a wondrous action-packed show! I have never missed a show in the past years!

For your pleasure, here is short description of the show in question:

A group of free-wheeling young idealists in a mysterious hearse rolls into an abandoned amusement park to embark on a voyage of discovery. In their quest to live life in the fast lane, this merry band of daredevils just may have found the ultimate playground. They defy gravity laughing in the face of danger. No amount of thrill-seeking can fully chase these young rebels' personal demons. But will their spree prove to be something more profound than just a night on the wild side?

A free outdoor event you don't want to miss!

From July 16 to August 4: 9 pm From August 6 to September 1: 8:30 pm

Please arrive a bit early because it's not uncommon for the show to be at maximum capacity.

Festibière de Québec

Quais d'espace 400e

August 15th to 18th

Back for its 10th edition, the Quebec Beerfest bring you a very large numbers of differents amazing breweries (100) that will fill your thirsty need! Admission to the site is free!

You buy a glass (you can keep it back home!) and some coins and you taste what you want!

You can meet brewmaster that will help you find the perfect ale according to your taste! Ipa/Stout/Cream Ale/Farmhouse/Pale Ale ... name it! No need to be a connoisseur in craftbeers to enjoy the taste of a good old ale! Live Music,foodtruck and fun time is on your schedule!

Festival des Brasseurs et Artisants

Domaine Maizerets

August 23th to 25th

You have short time in Québec city and you would like to try as much local microbrewery as you can? Here is your chance! This is a unique chance to meet Québec city brewers in a great neighborhood festivity.Domaine Maizaret is a marvelous place often miss by the tourist with nice garden and green space.Have a beer with a local and have fun!Also many local craft and artisant will be there to show you their nice work!Maybe you can bring back home some great souvenir from there!

Plein Art

Espace 400e, Old Port of Québec

July 30th to August 11th

Over 140 artists and artisans will blow you away you with their work with glass, metal, textile and materials of all kind. It is the largest summer arts and crafts show in Quebec. It will be well worth the visit.

Did I mention the admission is free?

Now I did!


Agora Port Québec

August 22th to 25th

Ahh les bons vins! Quoi de mieux qu'un bon verre de vin? Whats better than a glass of wine on a nice summer day! This wine festival is back to Québec City ! Prepared to be charmed by delightful Bordeaux wines and the fine Québec cuisine! Bordeaux wines, workshops, circus,music much much mores... :)

Agora fest

Agora,Port of Quebec

August 29th to September 1st

No..its not “A grand illusion “ ...music show are finally back at the Agora !

Its been a while that the agora of Québec been empty and im quite happy that concert are back at this marvelous location! L'Agora fest is a brand new music festival and for the first edition you got big name like Limp Bizkit (Im nostalgic of my teenager years), Shaggy ,Sean Kingston, Dennis Deyoung (Yes the singer from Styx),Koriass ...You might see me there!

Celebrity softball game (Montréal Expos) Stade Canac

August 15

My favorite place to go in summertime...the ballpark! Who doesn't love enjoying a sunny day at the ballpark? Québec city is the home of Les Capitales de Québec since 1999.The team is part of the Can-Am league is a Canadian and american association of professional baseball. Don't get surprise if you see people wearing capitale caps or jersey when you walk in old Québec or Saint Roch area.People are quite proud of their team and many go see a match every summer as a tradition. The Québec stadium is almost a museum itself (1938).

You were a fan of the Expos of Montreal? Its your chance to see some ex players of the team play a softball game against some ex CapitaleS player! Its you chance to win a signed jersey at the auction or get autograph after the game! Proceeds will go to the Kat D DIPG Foundation and Montreal Children's Hospital.

The game will be at 5pm before the actual game of the Capitales de Quebec against the Jackals of New Jersey.The doors will be open at 4pm for this occasion. The ticket of the game will give you the opportunity to see both games! Fun times ahead ! PLAYBALL!


Lévis Events

Lévis is not in Québec city , but it is relatively near and accessible ... it is straight across the river!

If you take the ferry you get off in Lévis. Simple no?

I felt it was important to include information about two great festivals taking place there!

Festivent de Lévis

Lévis ,Parc Champigny

July 31th to August 4th

Great concerts,hot-air balloons takeoff, inflatable games, rides,foodtruck...Name it!

It is a fun event and this year schedule include various music performance from international and local artist from Smash Mouth,Weezer,Sean Paul,X Ambassadors...many more!Garanteed fun time for everybody! (including children! Familly event :) )

Festival Jazz etcetera Lévis


August 8th to 11th

Many free concerts for the 13th edition of Festival Jazz etcetera Lévis!

This year you can go see a jazzy mass at the church,Brian Lee,a tribute to Billies Holiday and many various international and local artist! The street of Lévis will vibe once again with this great jazz music fest!

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