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From Footsteps to Pedals: Exploring Quebec City's Diverse Tours

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More you know about history and more you recognize that there's a vast way of fascinating stories and unique perspectives to explore it, As a local tour guide, I've had the privilege of meeting fellow guides and friends who specialize in specific subjects or have their own distinctive approaches to guiding. Quebec City, with over 400 years of colonial history intertwined with the rich heritage of the First Nations. Let's face it, with all this rich history, it's a real challenge not to get carried away!

While my tours got you into the heart of this history with fun facts, I believe in the power of collaboration and community. That's why I'm using this platform not only to showcase my own tours (While my tours are great and memorable experiences (cheap publicity ..I stop I swear), I want to put somes spotlight on the diverse experiences offered by my fellow guides. Whether it's ghost tours that send shivers down your spine, insightful tours centered around women's history, or adventurous bike tours exploring hidden corners of the city, there's always more to discover in Quebec City.



If you're ready to go beyond the cobblestone streets of Old Quebec and explore the city's lesser-known part, look no further than my friend Emily's company, Tuque et Bicycle. They offer exciting bike and scooter tours, led by knowledgeable local guides who can take you on a journey through the city's diverse neighborhoods. Good way to fill a day around the city.

Emily is the driving force behind the company, a young and incredibly motivated entrepreneur who's passionate about showcasing the best of Quebec City. Not only does Tuque et Bicycle offer bike and scooter tours, but Emily also owns another walking tour company .And don't think winter slows them down—Tuque et Bicycle even offers fat bike tours during the colder months, ensuring there's always something new to discover in Quebec City.

Also! Need a convenient solution for storing your bags while exploring Quebec City post-checkout or pre-train departure? Look no further than her office on rue Saint Paul. For a small fee, you can securely leave your belongings, freeing yourself to wander the city without the burden of luggage. It's the perfect hassle-free solution for making the most of your time.


Tours Accolade (from finding your roots to tour of old Lévis)

Every now and then, travelers share with me tales of their ancestry tracing back to France or the brave Filles du Roy who shaped Quebec's history. It's remarkable how many across the United States can find a link to Quebec in their family tree. While I can trace my lineage back to the Filles du Roy through my father's side (Anne Guillaume), I wouldn't call myself an expert on the matter (I wish!) That's where my friend Xavier Chambolle tour comes in.

Xavier offers a unique tour experience, collaborating with French-Canadian genealogist Kim Kujawski to unearth your family's roots in North America. If your ancestors hailed from europe, this personalized tour is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to delve into your family history. So, if you're planning a family gathering in Quebec and yearn to rediscover your familial past, Xavier's tour is a truly special idea. It may require him and Kim some effort, but the payoff is undoubtedly worth the price of that custom tour.

Beyond genealogy, Xavier hosts a variety of themed tours, including a captivating exploration of the influential women who shaped Quebec's history. He also leads tours of Old Levis on the South Shore.I think he is the only guide that I know of that offer that off the beaten path tour!.He also created a unique tour to visually impaired and blind individuals with a specially crafted walking tour. Take a peek at Xavier's tour accolades—you won't be disappointed.


Nomad tours Québec Who is Marie-Pierre Lessard?

Marie Pierre is more than just a colleague; she's a dynamic force in the world of tour guiding. Starting our walking tour journeys around the same time, she created her own company, Nomad Tours, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit. While she excels in step-on guiding for bus tours, or on custom tour but her expertise truly shines when leading explorations on foot through our city's rich history.

Marie Pierre's passion for storytelling and deep knowledge of our town's history make her tours not only informative but also incredibly engaging. We do once a while work together for school group and the client is always satisfied. She helped me over the year and we improved ours skill by sharing our knowledge.

When my schedule is packed or I'm fully booked, she's my go-to recommendation for private tours. I know she'll ensure clients have a memorable experience. Beyond guiding, she is good on social media management too a valuable asset for anyone seeking to boost their online presence. She did somes amazing job during the pandemic .She worked also on many website over ther years.

In a field where we mostly work alone, Marie Pierre is not just a colleague but also a friend and trusted professional whose dedication to her customer and clients is truly inspiring. ---


In the grand mosaic of history, there are often missing pieces...forgotten stories and silenced voices waiting to be uncovered.I want to speak to you about a collegue named Ali, also known as Webster.During my time as a student at Mérici, I met Ali, who was also an actual historian and had a passion for uncovering the forgotten parts of Quebec's history.

Ali went on a mission to shed light on the untold narratives of Quebec's black presence, from New France to the present day. Through his company, Quebec History X, he leads tours that get into the complexities of slavery during colonial times while also celebrating the often-forgotten figures who shaped Quebec's history.

In a world where some prefer to ignore uncomfortable truths, Ali bravely confronts the past, emphasizing that true history enthusiasts embrace every aspect of our shared narrative. Besides leading tours, Ali's commitment to education and entertainment extends to his work as a rapper . You might catch him once a while on Quebec television or at a concert, where his presence is as vibrant as his laugh.


Ali's influence extends beyond the stage; he worked on an exhibition on hip-hop history in Quebec at the Musée de la civilisation and also wrote a book titled "Le Grain de Sable," shedding light on the story of Olivier Lejeune, Canada's first slave. For a tour that ventures off the beaten path, guided by someone with both knowledge and charisma, Ali's tour is a must. And rest assured, his infectious laughter will leave you with a smile. He doesn't do his tour often but you can contact him!


Ghost tour!

In Quebec City, the ghost tour scene offers a chilling yet amusing exploration of its historical past. With two main tours company in town (maybe more but I know 2 for sure), one featuring lantern-lit strolls (Ghost tour of Quebec) and the other with guides wearing friendly ghost attire (les promenades fantômes), there's something for every ghost enthusiast. While I've only experienced the lantern tour multiple times, its winding paths and carefully selected stories never fail to captivate. As a tour guide myself i was quite impress.They tend to be a little bit more serious and well details on the past event. The end of the tour is amazing..

And let's not forget the delight of encountering guides with painted faces, who effortlessly entertain both young and old.I see them once a while on tour . Their approach is humorous theatrics, these tours promise an unforgettable journey into Quebec City's spectral past. While I've yet to experience this side of the ghost tours , I've witnessed the joyous faces of those who have. Rest assured, it's on my list of must-tries. No need to wait for halloween to enjoy a ghost tour.

Food tours Ah, Quebec cuisine... some people, they think it's all about poutine and maple syrup. Others, they come here looking for fancy French stuff, like the perfect baguette.While we have both! Quebec food scene, it's more then that! You've got to taste it to believe it. So, why not hop on a food tour? You can enjoy a walk while learning all about the local ingredients and quirky traditions that make our food great. Check out these companies offering food tours, and let the culinary adventure begin. HQ services touristique with their 5* complete gourmet tour of Old-Quebec or Local Québec City Food Tours to explore the city and taste it at many stops!

There are loads of guides in the city, each with their own specialties and strengths, but I won't bore you with all the details. Many of them are part of the AGTQ (Association des guides touristiques de Québec), which promotes certified tour guides. Right now, there are over 250 members (including myself) ! To be a tour guide in Quebec city you need to follow rules and a class that lead you to get the permit for guiding in this Unesco heritage city.

If you're keen on exploring on a budget, you can also check out Parks Canada, which offers some awesome, wallet-friendly tours of key historical locations, especially in the summer. Or, if you're looking for a more personalized experience, you gotta meet Djanny! She's also your go-to for tailored, top-notch tours in and around the city too.

And hey, there are plenty of other tour companies out there, too (like Cicerone, Tour Voir etc...) ! I've just scratched the surface and showed some of the lesser know or simply my friends. Whether you're into food adventures, architectural marvels, or cultural escapades, trust me, there's something out there for everyone.

You never did a walking tour before?

You can start with my tours I will do my best to make it an highlight of your trip! If you are here for many day you could explore the others to complete your experience. If im not free, there good chance I will refer you to one of these tour guide! Each guide has their own specialty and unique style. Somes more academic somes more into humor. While history stays the same, the goal is to ensure you learn while enjoying your vacation.Local tour guide offer deeper local knowledge that guides who don't live here might not totally fully possess. When I say that, I mean those step-on guides who pop in once a year by bus with group– somes might still think we can see a Nordique hockey game and enjoy the old port market ! (both gones) One thing is for sure: I highly recommend anybody taking a walking tour while you’re here. Otherwise, you might miss out on experiences that could greatly enhance your trip. Try it and you will never want to travel again without doing a walking tour!


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