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Hot Day? Chill Out in Québec City: 6 Ways to Refresh Your Senses" (UPDATED 2024)

Updated: Jun 10

As the warm days of summer approach, it's no secret that the temperature in Quebec City seems to rise year after year. With the ever-increasing effects of climate change, finding ways to refresh ourselves and seek respite from the sweltering heat becomes even more important. But dont worry, I have curated a list of the top 6 activities that will help you beat the heat and rejuvenate on a scorching day in Quebec City. From tranquil waterfront retreats to captivating indoor escapes, these refreshing options will keep you cool and ensure you make the most of your summer in this beautiful city. Dont forget your sun screen and drink alot of water!

1- La Cale

Located the charming old port of Quebec City, near the cruise terminal, lies a hidden oasis known as "La Cale." This is a secret spot, know by locals or by adventurous travelers (that might got lost), offers a unique and refreshing experience. Here, you can enjoy a drink while dipping your feet in the cool water, which reaches just above the ankle, providing instant relief from the summer heat.They have a little food truck too. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, tons of bean bag just to chill out. La Cale" refers to the part of a boat known as the "hold" or "cargo hold.

The place used to be the location of "la cours arrière du Festibière", this unique location underwent a change in ownership and transformed into a nice spot that was introduced to the public as a "rhumerie." While the selection of rum options may not be extensive, there are still enticing choices to explore. Don't miss the chance to try a very local one the exquisite Rhum St-Roch from the Distillerie de Quebec—it's a delightful addition to this hidden gem's offerings.

Photo credit :Facebook du CCNQ

2- Promenade Samuel de Champlain

One of Quebec City's most breathtaking bike and walking paths, the Samuel De Champlain Promenade, has just unveiled its highly anticipated Phase 3. This new addition includes a stunning expanse of beach with parasols, a seamlessly integrated pool that look to merges with the adjacent river, and convenient nearby services. Interestingly, this particular section was once a beloved local beach in the 1950-60s before undergoing a remarkable transformation into a modern, urban oasis.

The promenade itself was a remarkable gift from the provincial government in celebration of the city's 400th anniversary in 2008. As you traverse the path, you'll find yourself enveloped in a refreshing airstream, creating a corridor of coolness that makes it an ideal destination for a leisurely stroll on a hot afternoon. Whether you're a cyclist, a walker, or simply seeking a serene escape, the Phase 3 expansion of the Samuel De Champlain Promenade is an absolute must-visit, showcasing the beauty and progress of Quebec City.

Photo credit :Facebook de L'oasis du port de Québec

3- Oasis du port de Québec

Are you looking for using your swimming suit near by old Quebec? Look no further than the Oasis at the Port of Quebec! Immerse yourself in an swimming experience in the majestic St. Lawrence River. Situated in the Basin Louise at the Quebec Port, the Oasis provides both locals and visitors with a complimentary swimming area, expansive Olympic-sized lanes for avid swimmers, serene relaxation spaces, and exceptional amenities designed to keep you cool during the summer heat. This inclusive and family-friendly destination not only offers a refreshing escape, but it also boasts one of Old Quebec's most lovely terraces. while marveling at the breathtaking view of the Quebec Port Marina. It is first port swimming area in North America, this project originated from citizen suggestions. . The fun thing is the access to swimming at the Oasis of the Port of Quebec is free, and the site is open daily . More info at their website

Photo credit :Facebook de baie de beauport

4- Baie de beauport

La Baie de Beauport is a renowned beach destination located on the shores of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec City. It offers a wide range of recreational activities, including swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, beach volleyball, and even kite surfing. With its sandy shores, nice views, and vibrant atmosphere, La Baie de Beauport is a beloved spot for locals and visitors alike to enjoy the outdoors and soak up the sun during the summer months. Just 5 minutes away from downtown, Baie de Beauport is easily accessible by car via the Dufferin Highway and Limoilou. What's more, this exceptional site is conveniently reachable via the scenic Corridor du Littoral cycling path and the Parcours des Anses trail.

Photo credit :Facebook du Village Vacance Valcatier

5-Village Vacances Valcatier

Village Vacances Valcartier waterpark in Quebec City is a thrilling oasis of aquatic adventures. With over alots of water slides, including the infamous Everest—one of the highest accelerating slide in North America—and a wave pool, visitors of all ages are guaranteed an adrenaline-pumping experience. The park also features a lazy river, water play areas, and relaxing pools for those seeking a more laid-back experience. With its wide range of attractions and attractions, Village Vacances Valcartier promises endless fun and excitement for the whole family. It is about 20-25 minutes drive from Quebec city and it is without a doubt one of the most famous "end of school" activity when I was in High School!

6-Indoor Museums

Beat the heat and embark on a captivating journey at the Museum of Civilization in Quebec City. Step into the air-conditioned cultural gem, where you can immerse yourself in fascinating exhibits while escaping the sweltering temperatures outside. You'll not only find respite from the heat but also expand your knowledge and engage in meaningful conversations .Or you can go to any other museums to give you a break of that humidity and heatwave while learning more about the history or life itself.


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