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Summertime in Quebec City: June's my Top Picks Activity

Planning your Quebec City adventure and seeking some local insights event? From charming neighborhood hangouts to grand citywide spectacles, I've got you covered! Explore this list featuring a mix of small-scale local events and big-name attractions. And remember, in the summertime, boredom simply doesn't exist in Quebec City!

Nano Cinco summer release Saturday June 1th Where: 236 3e Rue, Québec, QC G1L 2S8

Nano Cinco is a great local microbrewery with a stellar IPA lineup and more. They will do summer product release bash with at least 8 products , complete with food and a DJ 🍻

Vésuve Crédit photo: Stéphane Bourgeois

Où tu vas quand tu dors en marchant May 30th to 1th june 6th to 8 th

Where:Expocite 250 Bd Wilfrid-Hamel, Québec, QC G1L 4W7

Where do you go when you sleepwalk...? It's an immersive celebration of living art, where the crowd becomes part of the experience. Explore outdoor theater presentations, known as 'tableaux,' along a winding path that leads to new adventures. With a different theme every year, it's a free and endlessly entertaining activity!

June 7 to 16 and 25th to 30th Where :Stade Canac

What beats a summer night at the ballpark? Not much! Join us at Quebec's historic 1938 ballpark to cheer on our local team, Les Capitales de Quebec, celebrating their 25th season. It's affordable, it's fun, and nothing quite matches that electric local vibe!⚾🌟🎉

June 7th to 9th Where: Place Limouloise

Fun 15th edition of Limoilou en musique and the Grand Bazar du Vieux-Limoilou from June 7th to 9th! Enjoy a weekend packed with live performances, a bustling bazaar, and artisan market, featuring acts like MODLEE, Samian, and Les Hôtesses d'Hilaire, alongside vibrant DJ sets and local talent. Limoilou is one of the best area for local.

June 8th

Where : Rue Saint-vallier

Join the vibrant 30th edition of Saint-Sauveur en fête on June 8th from 11 AM to 11 PM on rue Saint-Vallier! Discover local businesses, enjoy family-friendly activities, explore artisan treasures, and indulge in delicious treats in a festive atmosphere.

KWE Festival June 14-16th and 21th June Where :Expo Cite / Agora of Old Port for the 21th

Experience the 7th edition of the KWE! Meet Indigenous Peoples festival from June 14-16 at Place Jean-Béliveau. Enjoy free admission to an array of new activities, including evening films, music and food gatherings, Inuit sled demonstrations, Iroquoian pottery cooking, and performances by renowned violinist Geneviève Gros-Louis. Engage in cultural conferences, walk the Sentier des 11 Nations, and enjoy family-friendly events like pow wow dance demonstrations, storytelling, and artisan workshops.

Also a big free concert will be held. Don't miss the grand celebration featuring musical artists from Quebec's First Nations and Inuit communities!

June 14th

Where:Quartier Petit Champlain / Place Royale / Old port of Québec

Mark your calendar for the 2024 Parcours des Terrasses Gourmandes on Friday, June 14th, from 3 PM to 10 PM in the Petit Champlain, Place Royale, and Old Port of Quebec City! Indulge in delicious bites from top restaurateurs, enjoy live folk music, and choose from four exclusive packages for an unforgettable gourmet experience.

Défi Escalier June 15th

Where:Old Québec

Join the 2024 Défi des Escaliers and conquer Quebec City's stunning stairways! Starting and finishing at Parc de l’Esplanade, participants will tackle nearly 40 staircases, covering 2,634 steps over 19 km, navigating between the Lower and Upper Towns in this exhilarating, silver-certified race by Athlétisme Québec.

NSPW Golden Opportunity June 15th Where: Pavillion Guy Lafleur

Amazing show of NSPW with Golden Opportunity XIV, the biggest professional wrestling gala in Quebec! Featuring top independent wrestlers, former WWE stars Matt Riddle and Shelton Benjamin, and crowned as Quebec's #1 wrestling promotion for the past 12 years, this event is a must-see. I'll be there, will you? Have a look also at the great exhibition at the musée de la civilisation about wrestling in Quebec

June 15th

Where : Expo cite Grand Marché

On June 15th, the Grand Marché de Québec is throwing a party! Enjoy grand tastings from all merchants, live music and entertainment, children's face painting, the launch of a special anniversary beer by SNO Microbrasserie, and many surprises. Don't miss this festive event!

Fête de la musique de Québec June 14-16th Where: Saint-Jean street

Get ready for a local, inclusive, and diverse lineup this year! Join us on June 14-15-16 on Saint-Jean Street for an unforgettable experience. ✨ Since 2008, Québec's Fête de la Musique has been lighting up Faubourg Saint-Jean-Baptiste around the summer solstice, uniting amateur and professional musicians in a vibrant celebration of musical diversity, fostering connections and promoting all forms of musical expression indoors and outdoors.

Fête nationale du Québec June 23th-24th Where ; Plaine d'Abraham

La Fête Nationale du Québec, also known as Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, is celebrated on June 24th each year, marking Quebec's culture and heritage with parades, fireworks, and traditional music. It's a very joyous occasion that brings communities together to honor Quebec's history and identity. You will hear many of us say...Heille! Bonne Saint-Jean! Big show on the 23th !

June 20th to 30th

Where : Many locations and free concerts at Domaine de Maizerets!

From June 20-30, 2024, Quebec City will host Jazz en Juin, offering an immersive jazz experience with over 350 talented artists from Quebec, Europe, and the United States performing 90 unforgettable shows, including 60 free concerts. This year, Jazz en Juin highlights Quebec artists with daring performances traditionally reserved for international headliners at festival openings and closings.

For more details on the indoor lineup and venues, visit [Jazz en Juin's official website](

June 27-30th Where:Quai Paquet Lévis From June 27-30, 2024, at Quai Paquet in Lévis for four days of festivities celebrating local beers, alternative drinks, street food, and various entertainment! Don't miss out on this event with one of the most beautiful views of Quebec City with a beer! Santé

June 20th to 30th (main crossing date) Where: Old Port Québec The Transat Québec Saint-Malo (TQSM) is the oldest transatlantic race from west to east, spanning the St. Lawrence River and crossing the Atlantic Ocean, offering a thrilling maritime spectacle every four years since 1984. Don't miss the 10th edition in June 2024, where sailors navigate treacherous currents and intense maritime traffic, showcasing the ultimate test of skill and endurance.M


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