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Best shopping streets in Quebec city

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Special contribution of Marie Pierre Lessard from Nomad Tours Québec

Bonjour fellow travelers! My name is Marie-Pierre. Just like Sam, I’m a professional tour guide in beautiful Quebec City. I also own my tour business called Nomad Tours Quebec. I mostly offer private tours such as cultural and historical tours, photo tours and beer tasting tours. Since I also write my own blog, Sam asked me to contribute to his blog by writing a post about shopping here in Quebec City. So…. Let’s dive in!

Disclaimer: I’m a native French speaker. English is not my first language. I learned English at school, but I mostly learned it by watching to The Simpsons and listening to rock/metal music. So, I might have made a few mistakes in this blog post. If I did, please tell me, its the best way I can improve!

Best shopping streets in Quebec City

I’m going to divide this list into 2 sections. I will give you suggestions on the best shopping streets and areas based on the inside and outside of Old Quebec. That means I’ll give you my recommendations based on the ‘’tourist area’’ and outside of it. I’m doing this because I know you are looking to have a real local shopping experience and that you are ready to explore and find hidden gems, outside of the busy streets of Old Quebec.

Inside Old Quebec


Actually, rue (street) St-Jean is divided into 2 sections. There is a part inside the Old City, and a part outside. For the purpose of this blog post, let’s assume it’s in Old Quebec. You will find delightful original shops, artisanal boutiques, cafés (my new favorite is Le Local) and Irish pubs. You will also discover clothing and souvenir shops. As a tour guide, I need chic and comfortable sport clothing, I always find something interesting at Chlorophylle. I’m sure you will fall in love with rue Saint-Jean’s European vibe! It is one if the first commercial street people discover here and is a local’s and visitors favorite.

Petit Champlain

The Quartier (neighborhood) Petit Champlain is known as one of the most beautiful attractions of Quebec City. It is located in the lower-town, down the cliff under the Château Frontenac. It is an authentic area all visitors should discover and is one of the oldest commercial streets in North America. In 2019, it was ranked in the top 25 most beautiful streets in the World by Architectural Digest. This pedestrian street offers a wide diversity of interesting local shops (designers, crafts, paintings, silk painting, wood carving, etc.) and restaurants in a romantic setting. One of my favorite shops on Petit-Champlain Street is without a doubt Boutique Amimoc. They have the best fashionable boots and moccasins in town. Plus, everything is locally made in Quebec City!

Outside Old Quebec

Credit photo : SDC quartier des arts

Avenue Cartier

Stroll down avenue Cartier you’ll pass many local’s favorite boutiques and restaurants. When the Old City gets packed with tourists, during summer, many Quebecois chooses to do their shopping there and avoid Old Quebec. Enjoy the lively atmosphere, gourmet food shops, and fashionable and specialty boutiques. Don’t forget to make a stop a les Halles Cartier, which looks like an indoor market with fishery, bakery, pizzeria, fresh fruits and vegetables, chocolates, etc. Shopping make you thirsty? Stop at Galway, my favorite Irish Pub in the area!

Rue du parvis near st-joseph Credit: SDC St Roch

Rue St-Joseph

The more contemporary Saint-Roch district is worth a visit, with its hip designer boutiques on rue Saint-Joseph. It features unique and modern stores, music stores, trendy cafés and video games / arcade bars. I’m sure Sam would agree that St-Roch is the perfect beer lover destination. Famous microbreweries include La Barberie, la Korrigane and Noctem. If I have families on my tours, I always recommend they visit famous Benjo, an amazing toy store! It even has a little train that goes around the shop! This less-touristy area will surely awaken your inner hipster. We all have one, right? 😊

Crédit photo : SDC 3eme avenue

3eme Avenue

Welcome to my neighborhood, Limoilou. Here, everyone knows each other, and every shop and restaurants work hand in hand. Residents really give the neighbourhood a life of its own. Limoilou is like a little village within Quebec City. The main shopping street in this lovely neighborhood is the 3rd Avenue (3eme avenue). When strolling down this avenue, I’m sure you won’t see any tourists! This avenue is mostly famous for its local cafés, gourmet food store and skate shops. You can even find a ‘’Limoulou’’ shirt at article 721, which makes a great souvenir!

Will I be showing you Quebec’ best shopping streets during your next stay here? I hope so! You can contact me for a private tour or book Sam’s free tour here.

Happy shopping and see you in Quebec City!

Marie Pierre Lessard

Let me introduce you my friend Marie Pierre Lessard from Nomad Tours Québec. She is a hard working guide and probably one of the best tour guide I know. When I'm not availlable to offer private tour or when im not able to offer a specific tour I always refer the people to Marie Pierre. Please note that she doesn't run free walking tour but she offer private tours and custom tours that you won't regret. Feel free to contact her if you are looking for a private tour to see her price and all :). Here is her website!

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