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Things to do in Quebec city in wintertime! Updated 2022

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Winter is Here! While winter weather in this beautiful province can be harsh and tough, Quebec is nonetheless a lovely city in wintertime. Once you embrace winter your trip will be unforgettable. Here is a small list of activities you can do when you will come over for a visit:

Try Dufferin Terrace Slides (Tobbogan Run)

From Mid-December to Mid-March

This is a tradition for many Quebecers since 1884! "Attache ta tuque avec de la broche." (Which in French Canadian means "tie your hat with staples"). Slide down at speeds up to 70 kph and shiver with excitement! You're in for a treat with this nice, cheap activity. Rent your toboggan at the 1884 kiosk right by the slide. Have fun!

Try some great coffee-houses

Un café, s'il vous plaît Of course you can pass the whole day outside... but what better after your rosy cheeks have gone numb than a nice hot cup of coffee? You can go to Tim Horton or Starbuck coffee if you want but you should definitely try coffee in certain coffee-houses that are exclusive to this city! Here is a short list of some of these places: Maison Smith (you can find 3 La Maison Smith in the old town at great locations). Les Bruleries (Various locations, great local art display! Joli endroit). Nektar Caféologue (Various locations, from limoilou to Saint-roch) Nice place that I love to go on the 3e avenue. Café Félin ma langue aux chats(If you love cats this is the place to go, it is a cat friendly coffee house. Location is about 1 minute away from the Gare du Palais train station). Café Faux Mouvement located at the end of petit champlain street. If you are a runners, they are specialised into running gear. You can also run with them!

Café fuck la mode A coffee place and also a clothing store with a quite special name! Société des loisirs Super interesting concept in Saint-Roch, its a coffee shop but also and mostly a place where they produce and press Vinyl! If you want to grab a coffee while listening to local artist. Saint Henri (In the heart of Saint Roch, relaxing) Camellia-Sinensis (If you are more into traditionnal's one of the places to go! Good service) Sebz Tea Lounge (located in the upper town, it features knowledgeable employees and a wonderful ''loungey'' vibe. A very pleasant experience indeed!) Much others

Crédit photo:strom spa

Go to a spa

How to cope with cold weather? Winter time is actually the perfect time to experience the greatest condition of a spa. It's relaxing, good for health and pores, not to mention a great escape from the stress. Quebec city have plenty of spas that you can experience.

The Strom spa is right by the saint Lawrence river at a perfect location. I personally visited the place and it is literally immaculate. I didn't want to leave the place. It is already ranked as one of the most beautiful spa in whole Quebec area. It recently opened few years ago only 15 minutes walking distance from Place Royale. Siberia Spa In the wild - quite nice location! Sky Spa (which on the top of a skyscraper...I know!) Spa des Neiges (Few minutes away from Saint-Anne de beaupré next to Beaupré microbrewery also ! )

Take the ferry

A boat ride on the historical Saint Lawrence river it’s a must (all season included). The most amazing view you'll get is in winter. Seeing the cold ice floating along the river is a unique experience. Did you know that people in the past were able to cross the saint Lawrence river on horse carriages? We formerly had an ice bridge and people were even able to cross the river by foot…now I don’t suggest you to do so…You might die. Levis overlooks Quebec right across the river where you'll find the ferry. Go have a drink at the le Corsaire microbrewery (1 minute away from the terminal) and enjoy the view for me.

Crédit photo:tuque et bicycle What about a fat bike ride? Are you looking for a new unique way to discover the city in complete freedom? What about a fat bike rental! Doing bike in wintertime are you crazy sam? No im not! You can rent it,you can take a tour off the beaten path also.Tuque & bicycle expériences is a new company that offer this unforgettable experience.I met the owner Émilie through tourism networks and she is a great young entrepreneur. She (with her team) can teach you how to do fat bike safely and even bring you off the beaten path on a tour.

Ice Skating

There many greats locations with nice lovely setting to do Ice skating in the city. One of the local favorite is place d'Youville just outside the gate saint jean! There another one at the beautiful domaine maizerets few minutes away from the city. It can be a nice romantic activity to right before getting a coffee or hot liquor inside.

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Onhwa Lumina End of November to March ($$)

A trip to Quebec is never completed without learning about the first nations and their cultures. They are the ancestor of the land that you visit. They knew how to survive with this weather and live in harmony with the nature. During your trip,have a stop at Wendake few minutes away from the old town. Onhwa’ Lumina is a new activity to teach you about the rich millenial history of the Huron-Wendat Nation. It is an delighted night walk in the heart of Wendake. It was developed by Moment Factory alongside artists,writer,musicians, historians and community members from the Nation.It explores different themes such as the cycle of life, the passing of knowledge, and the shared relationship between all living things. It mixed recent technology and multimedia with an immersive path to the past. Worth the time,price and visit! You can complete your learning also with the huron wendat museum.

Take a walking tour with me

Sam are you doing tour also in winter time? Yes I do! It is a fun activity to walk around the city with all the winter vibes.If you dress well with warm clothes there is multiply opportunity for you to enjoy the city.You can book a private tour with me and your group.If you want or take a free walking tour when it is on my schedule. Québec city has a rich history and just wait to be told.

Important thing to know! If you can't make the tour please tell me in advance don't do no show. It is not fun to take a bus to get to the location and wait outside for nobody...believe me ;) If the weather is bad more than -20 celsius or if I dont get enough reservation The tour will be canceled.I will inform the group the day before.

Crédit photo:Wikipedia