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Great Outdoor Gateway

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Looking for a great outdoor gateway near Québec city? Im here to help you out with a short list of place I enjoy to visit. Be adventurous! There so much to see in and around the city!

Only few minutes away from Québec city, the Montmorency Falls is quite a spectacular landscape with its impressive height of 83 meters (30 meters higher than Niagara falls).

The access to it is also quite easy (15 minutes by car or 35-40 minutes with public transportation).One can take the 800 bus to Beauport (as cheap as 7$ round-trip)

Many people also chose to rent a bike and go there, the path to it is almost as fun as the destination!In the summer time you can slide down a 300 meters zipline (May 19th to October 8th) to give you your fix of adrenaline.

The site also hosts a nice hiking trail with splendid views and if you are willing to climb the 487 stairs up to the falls, you might just burn those winter calories you've been worrying about!

It's also an important historical area with alot of information about one of the foremost battles to ever happen in the region: The 1759 battle of Montmorency. You can also inquire about the sawmill industry, which at the time was a part of the economy in Quebec. You can visit an interesting (and free)mini-museum atop the waterfall inside le manoir montmorency. In summer time they offer also some walking tour for few dollar and tell you way more than the usual guiding book! Personal tips :If you take the 800 bus, be wary of your destination. I have personally witnessed quite a few tourists on my way home stopping at the wrong location. The last stop of the bus is the waterfall ...Be careful not to stop at Montmorency stop or at the Beauport terminus ... It can get confusing, but remember this: If you are going to the falls, it is the absolute last stop.

A nice hidden gem not too far from the city, often unknown by the tourists.

The nice park offers over 7km of walkable trails and 11km of cross-country skiing trail. It is honestly a small beautiful oasis just a few minutes from the old city. You can also see the Arboretum which is nice! The Domaine Maizeret is a 27 hectar park with over 15000 trees . It is without the shadown of a doubt one of the most splendid gardens of the province.

It features a fun (but easy) labyrinthe for the joy of kids and adult, as well as a great interpretation center and observation tower. Not to mention the access is also free!

It is not a touristic attraction but a place where local people love to walk, run with their dogs or do picnic ... Just a nice peaceful park in short. Somes historical building are located in that area. For example there's the château ango des Maizerets (1713), a French built mansion from the 18th century. Many vonlonters work each year to offer various activities and event in the park.I love it! In the wintertime it is a great place to discover snowshoeing or ice skating as well. It is also a perfect place to any fan of ornithology;

Crédit :Facebook

Promenade Samuel de Champlain

The St-Lawrence river is one of the most important rivers (business-wise) and not to mention also one of the most amazing you'll see.I strongly suggest you to stroll along the promenade Samuel de Champlain. It is a 4.3 kilometers wide park with a poignant view of the shoreline.

The promenade itself was a gift from the provincial governement to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the city in 2008.The path is straight in a corridor of a refreshing airstream and is thus the perfect location for a hot afternoon walk.The promenade also leads you straight to the bridges of Quebec for a closer look and perhaps a bit of shade!

Crédit:Facebook of Plaines d'Abraham

This place has play a major role in Québec city history. Its the first National historic site in Canada. One of the most famous battle of North America happen there in 1759 a conquest that forever changed the Americas.The Plains of Abraham is one greatest urban parks of the country. The history of the park is quite rich...from a site of execution to the winning of two Stanley cup...There alot of other things to learn about the famous Plaines d'Abraham. You should take a visit of the battlefield Museum.I think it worth it!

You can enjoy free summer shows at the kiosk Edwin-Bélanger bandstand. Also every year the park host various big event like la fête national du Québec and le festival d'été de Québec (an amazing music festival)! The park is perfect for picnic and for outdoor sport.

**Upon request on my tour : I can give you a discount price to see the Battlefield Museum**

A personal favorite of mine.

This is your chance to breathe in the freshness of the Quebec wildlife. You can see amazing landscape and bring you back the joy of nature.

The area is great for camping, to stay awake all night long romantically watching the stars with a loved one. If you are lucky enough you could even see mooses! You can do various activities like Kayak,Canoeing,Hiking,skiing,fishing etc...

One amazing aspects about Quebec is that nature is never more than 30-40 minutes away from the center of the city. One visit and you'll agree, this place has a certain je-ne-sais-quoi!

You can take a round-trip shuttle from place d'arme (infront of chateau frontenac) everyday (summer) at 9am for 40$ cad! For more info look out the website of Quatre natures!

Crédit: Wikipedia by Jean-Sylvain Tremblay

Parc linéaire de la Rivière-Saint-Charles (Berge of Saint-Charles river)

The St-Charles river waterfront offers quite a nice, relaxing getaway from the city. . It is a splendid site to take a stroll or ride a bike. The river used to be one of the most poluated river of Quebec.

But in 1997 the city gave a new life to the river by a shoreline rehabilitation and ever since it is amazing! You will see alot of flowers tree and various aquatic plant along the way!

It was a successful idea for a noble river with a tremendous past. A great 32 km long pedestrian trail to discover by yourself!

I suggest you to rent a bike near from the ferry stop at Location Echo Sport or near from the train station at Cyclo Service! Many activities are being held all year long by the société de la rivières Saint-Charles.Their mission is to promote the rich history and beauty of the area with respect for sustainable developpement .For more info click here! Have a fun ride!

*Photo to come*

Great place to go, unknown by most tourists and surprisingly by locals as well. It features a breathtaking view of the shoreline and was near one of the prime locations where Jaques Cartier made stops on his way to Québec (his third trip 1541-42). You can visit and see the Cartier Roberval archeo site where he built the first french settlement near from there . Its also a nice place to do nauticals sport! You didn't bring any canoe in your suitcase ? No worries,you can rent one for a quite modest fee.

You can take a boating lessons there for all experience from beginner to almighty sailors. Have fun!

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