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Best Music Venues in Quebec city

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Music is a universal language that anyone can really enjoy. Even if you dont know the french language, seeing artists from here is a great way to feel the local vibe! I made this list of musical venues in Québec city to help you plan out your stay! Many of those places have websites if you want to check out the show schedules. The city has many prestigious and important concert venues and it is not uncommon to catch international guests on their program.

Crédit photo:Palais Montcalm facebook page

995 Place d'Youville, Québec, QC G1R 3P1

Located in the heart of Old Québec just outside Saint Jean gate at place d'Youville. Palais Montcalm is one of the most reputable concert venues in Québec city. The name Montcalm refer to the french general that fought in 1759 on the fields of Abraham against the British army. Local and artists who've played there both agree that its acoustics are some of the most amazing you will ever hear. The Raoul Jobin room is the permanent home to Les Violons du Roy, which is a Quebec-spawn chamber orchestra . Various schedules show international artists from prog rock to classical music to all kinds of world-known artists. I love to have a look at their program when I'm feeling curious about different music! Also if you're under 30 years old you're eligible for lower-priced tickets. I myself will go see the amazing Anoushka Shankar at the end of April. I simply can't wait!

Crédit photo:Grand Théâtre de Québec facebook Photo prise par Louise Leblanc

269 Boulevard René-Lévesque, Québec, QC G1R 2B3

Opened in 1971, it is the permanent home of the OSQ (Orchestre Symphonique de Québec) and also the location of the conservatoire de musique. The theatre include the Théâtre du Trident a great french speaking theatre, and the Opera de Quebec. A yearly program features theatre, dance, music, opera and all kinds of variety shows from around the world! The venue is huge and the sound quality is really great! If you have the chance, go see an Orchestral concert!

Interesting fact: Inside the building take a look at the beautiful art mural from Jordi Bonet with the words of a famous quebec poet Claude Péloquin .You can read the word « Vous êtes pas écœurés de mourir, bande de caves! C'est assez! »,.Back in 1971 those words create a huge polemic over the artistic freedom. Some people find those words vulgar and even made a petition to remove it. The sentence can be translate as something similar to “Aren’t you fed up of dying, you bunch of suckers? Enough is enough!”. It really did shake up the cultural world at the time.Mostly about the freedom of art. The piece of art is still shown and is part of Quebec history.

Crédit photo:Le Capitole de Québec facebook

972 Rue Saint-Jean, Québec, QC G1R 1R5

The architecture of “Beaux Arts” style was designed by American architect S Walter Painter and later restored by Thomas W. Lamb (Who also worked on the early Madison Square Garden). Le Capitole de Quebec is filled with loads of history. In fact it is designated as a National Historic Site of Canada by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada. Many famous names went to this venue, including but not limited to: Alfred Hitchcock, Princess Elizabeth, Celine Dion, Charles Aznavour etc... just to name a few! Today you can still see international artists, tribute shows, theater pieces and local artists! The interior decor of the theatre is simply marvelous.

Interesting historical event:.During the first world war the building was set in fire by some protester against the conscription.The obligation of men between 20 to 35 years old to serve the army .Thousand of people were outside in place d'Youville to show their disaproval of this obligation to go to war. Le capitole was the building were you could find the registry records of those who had registered for the war.

Crédit photo :Impérial Bell facebook page

252 Rue Saint-Joseph Est, Québec, QC G1K 3A9 I love Impérial Bell !

The vocation of the building has changed a lot from its beginnings (cinema). In the 1970's when the neighbourhood of Saint-Roch had a bad reputation the cinema changed to... a not so familly-friendly movie theatre (Erotic cinema) in 1971 called “Midi Minuit”. We love history but don't worry they did change the carpet! Saint Roch got a better reputation and now it is one of the coolest areas of Québec! Impérial Bell is one of the most known venues for rock and metal fanatics. You can see all kinds of shows but the major tour of the metal scene stops there. It's also an important venue during the FEQ ! Great variety of shows with musics of all kind! It is a beautiful venues from inside and outside! You should see a show at the Imperial Bell...You won't regret it!

Fun fact: When I was a kid , I saw my first metal concert there. The band was -Unexpect- in august 2005!

Crédit Photo :Théâtre Petit Champlain facebook

68 Rue du Petit Champlain, Québec, QC G1K 4H5 A small, picturesque theater located on one of the most beautiful street in the world called le Petit Champlain. It's a great place to enjoy local artists and sometimes international ones as well. Not understanding French isn't a problem as music is the language of the heart. Get yourself among the locals and see some of the most popular artists from here. Si tu connais le français, il y a plusieurs spectacles d'humour aussi!

Fun fact: Don't be surprised if you see a lot of Asians (mostly south korean) taking pictures of a red door outside the building. A famous south korean drama tv show called “Goblin” had an important shooting here! Also... it is a nice door

Crédit photo: Kiosque Edwin-Bélanger facebook

Kiosk Edwin-Bélanger (FREE CONCERT in summertime)

Plain of Abraham (2 minutes from Musée des beaux art de Québec) June 16 to August 11, 2019. Thursday through Sunday, at 8 p.m.

Located in one of the most prestigious city parks in Canada. Kiosk Edwin-Bélanger offers various free concerts in summertime. Enjoy the summer vibe in this big historical green park! I saw many great concerts there and I think that it could be a nice activity to add on your list if you are on a budget or are looking to to catch a live music show! The schedule is not announced yet as of the time I write this post but have a look by yourself!

Crédit photo: Centre Videotron facebook page Photo prise par André-Olivier Lyra

250 Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel, Québec, QC G1L 5A7

Quebec people love Hockey! ... Surprise! If you are old enough you might remember the Quebec Nordique team. In 1995 the hockey team was sold and left for Colorado (sadly for us a year later the Colorado Avalanche won the Stanley Cup! ...). Ever since that day many people here are quite nostalgic about the Nordiques. In 2015, a brand new arena opened with the hope to get an NHL team back in the future (Who knows!). For now, the Videotron Centre is home to the Quebec Remparts hockey team. With a maximum capacity of 20 396 for concerts, it hosts many kinds of big shows along the year! Looking for international bands on tour?, this is the place to go! Many big tours stop in Quebec city including Metallica, Iron Maiden, Justin Timberlake, Cirque du Soleil, Muse and even Céline Dion (who will start her next tour here!).

Have a look and go see the centre videotron before the Nordiques comeback!

Underground Music:

Crédit photo: Anti Bar et spectacle facebook

51 Rue Dorchester, Québec, QC G1K 5Z6

With the hard work of Karl Emmanuel Picard, a local booker, l'Anti offers a greatly varied program of music of all kinds from death metal to experimental. You will see local bands alongside some international bands of any genre! The bar is also a venue part of the FEQ and the Carnaval de Québec. You have nice list of beers from le trou du diable and also some private imported selection that you wont really find anywhere else. The stage is quite small and the place might get jampacked quickly but it is one of the major spots of the local scene! A must for the underground!

201 Rue de Lanaudière, Québec, QC G1L 4H2

Bar la Source de la Martinière is only few block away from le Centre Videotron. The venue is an old garage that was turned into a sport bar .Few years ago, they had somes major renovation and now it is one of the coolest spot to see music show, This bar play an important part of the emergent music scene of Quebec. They also have a good selection of local beer! :) All kind of artist and band have come to the bar from Techn9ne to Crytopsy ! Good service and great venue! Its also a good place to drink after a concert at le Centre Videotron.

Crédit Photo:Scanner Bistro facebook page

291 Rue Saint-Vallier E, Québec, QC G1K 3P5 Punk's not dead! If you are into real underground music I would suggest you to go have a drink at the scanner. Probably one of the oldest destination for music in the Saint Roch area. Good staff and nice place for alternative music. Take a look at their show schedule!

Jazz/Blues bar:

Crédit photo:Bar Ste-Angèle facebook page

26 Rue Sainte Angèle, Québec, QC G1R 4G4 Wanna go to a hidden gem in the old part of town? Bar Saint Angèle is located really near to the Saint Jean Gate. It is a tiny jazz pub with a smooth atmosphere. Once you enter there it will make you wonder if you've travelled in time because of the music and the furniture. Jazz shows often occur. It gives you the feeling of a speak-easy bar. It is one of the coolest bars in Old Québec there's no doubt about it. Put this jazz bar in your list of things to experience!

Crédit Photo:Pub Limoilou Blues Bar

801 3e Ave, Quebec City, Quebec G1L 2W8

Located in the heart of Limoilou neighborhood, it is definitely a great place to go. I must tell you that Limoilou is not touristy area but the 3rd avenue is one of the favorite local spots. Many shops and bars alongside with great restaurants, you wont regret to have a walk in the area. Pub Limoilou blues bar is a place that we love to hang out. Many tribute blues bands and thursday night blues jam night are really great! The beer is not expensive so give it a try.

Quoi faire à Québec One of the best website to know what happen in Quebec city

If you want to know latest event or concert in the city have a look at Quoi faire à Québec. When I dont know what to do,I often visit this website in case I miss something!

Event you dont want to miss

I will update that list soon!

Various location in Quebec city July

It is without a doubt one of the biggest and cheapest music festival in North America. Big name over the past years Rush, Foo Fighters,Metallica, Blink 182,Diplo,Lynyrd Skynyrd...and this is only the tip of the iceberg!

Past edition poster of 2018

Various location in Quebec City September

One major alternatif music fest in the city!

There so many other places where you can see daily shows and cabaret singers! I can't name them all because the list is too exhaustive and I have a life to live.

Here's another list of places/bars that you can see live music

*If you want me to add your bar on the list let me know*

*Si vous souhaitez ajouter votre bar sur la liste informez moi*

La Piazz (All nights) Cécile et Ramones (good food and great tribute band show) District Saint Joseph Quartier de Lune Pub Saint Alexandre (all nights) Pub Saint Patrick Les Yeux Bleu Murphy Les Voûtes de Napoléon (all nights) Bateau de Nuit (Cool bar for local micobrewery also) Maelstrom Rideau Rouge London Jack Fou Bar

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